Capture is the industry leading VIN barcode scanner that you can quickly integrate into your mobile app. Capture reliably scans in low light, sun glare, bad weather, and other harsh conditions, and it’s easy to use because it's made by real app developers.

Follow these steps to get started

  1. Test

    See the technology in action with the free demo apps for Android and iOS.

  2. Review

    SDK libraries and developer documentation are available for review on GitHub.

  3. Contact

    To get started or ask us questions simply fill out our contact form, or request your trial.


Our terms are simple. One license is good for the development of one uniquely-identified application (using your bundle/package IDs) on both iOS and Android platforms with an unlimited number of scans and end-users. Each license has an initial license cost and an annual renewal fee.

Standard License

  • iOS & Android
  • Unlimited scans
  • Unlimited devices
  • Premium support

Other Offerings

  • FREE trial up to 30 days
  • Enterprise white label (non-attributed) license
  • Custom app development

Need help building your app?

Pixo is a full-service technology consultancy with experts in UX, graphic design, mobile development, and software engineering.

Want to see it in action? Try Fleet

Scan and share vehicle barcodes in one mobile app